Birds over bucks today!

We planted 4 acres of Turkey Attack on our pheasant preserve this year to hold some pheasants. After today I would say it worked. We release 600 birds on our preserve and plant several food plots. The mixture in Turkey Attack is great for the birds. It has alittle bit of everything pheasants love food and tons of cover. Paths had to be made in the millet and sunflowers with fourwheelers just so you can walk through it. When my pointer Dina gets to the plot she just loves crawling through the millet and locking up. So when the weather warms up in October and we cant sit in a stand all day.

My First Deer with a bow, and my first buck.

About 3:30 I arrived in my stand. I hadn't seen anything until about 5:10 this nice six point came in and made a scrape 36 yards away. Finally about ten minutes later he walked over to where i had a 15 yard shot in the clearing. He got behind a tree so i drawed my bow and he kept walking so i stopped him and took my time, And made the perfect shot. It was raining so i climbed out of my stand and got First blood. About 20 minutes later my cousins got there to help me track him. About 150 yards away from where i shot him my one cousin yelled, "I found him".

Rack Snack Fan

I'm only 15 and i try my hardest to get decent bucks in our woods. I put alot of hard work into a foodplot and i don't think that helped with bringing the bucks in, but then when I heard about Rack Snack From a friend I had to try some and it really works I have had four different bucks like this one in our woods. It may not be big for some people, but where I live which is in Amish country its a trophy. And I know the bucks just werent passing through because im still getting pictures of him and the other bucks so thank you Rough Ridge for having such a great product!!!

White Black Bear in Potter County

Every time I go to check up on my trial camera, I take along a very tasty bucket from Rough Ridge to spread out. Like always I can't wait to see what I brought in. When I finally get there all the stuff I put out, is gone. Then going though the pictures I see the same deer as I did through out the year. But they keep getting bigger and bigger! As I keep going through the pictures I see a black bear, go to the next one, I see an albino black bear! Thanks to Rough Ridge's great product I was able to lure in such a rare animal!