Clover Buffet Deer Seed Mix - 5 LB

Weight: 5 lb

This Clover Buffet Seed blend for deer food plots will outperform most expectations of any hunter. Bucks have been found to stay and enjoy this deer food for long periods of time. It will provide years of forage and palatable clover for successful deer food plots.

Clover Buffet Seed is a perennial blend that germinates fast and grows thick and quickly in cool weather. It grows especially well in well-drained soils, and though it is quite shade-tolerant it also grows well in sunny exposures. Deep growing tap roots in this deer food seed mix  draw essential nutrients from the soil making it incredible forage for deer for the many years it persists. Insects and bees love this seed mix as well, making it attractive to birds.

Five pounds will cover approximately 1/2 acre
Ten pounds will cover approximately 1 acre

  • Contents (may contain a mixture of the following seeds):

  • Seminole Ladino Clover

  • Pinnacle Ladino Clover

  • Jumbo Ladino Clover

  • Crusade White Clover

The Clover Buffet is our perennial mixture of several different White Clovers as listed above. We have combined these clovers because each one has a different tolerance level in regards to water and sunlight so no matter what Mother Nature hands you - one or more of these clovers will produce a sweet forage bed for your deer.

Pinnacle Ladino White Clover

  • Resistant to leaf diseases and field viruses

  • High forage yields

  • Ideal for pastures

  • Superior persistence

  • Excellent seedling vigor

  • Aggressive stolon activity

  • Drought tolerant

  • Widely adapted

Pinnacle is a new ladino clover variety developed for today’s high performance pasture needs. Look for excellent establishment and seeding vigor along with cool season productivity and the aggressive season long growth necessary to maximize grazing. Pinnacle has a very upright growth habit with numerous fine stems and large dark green leaves. This variety was bred for superior persistence and can stand up to leaf disease and virus pressure. Pinnacle is adapted throughout the United States and Canada, wherever ladino clovers are grown.

Jumbo Ladino White Clover

  • Large leafed

  • Aggressive

  • Nutritious

  • High yielding

  • Huge & vigorous

Jumbo Ladino clover grows faster and is more vigorous than many other white clovers. Jumbo is characterized by its large leaf size - up to three inches wide in optimum growing conditions. It can significantly improve pastures when seeded at the recommended ratios. Jumbo Ladino clover can be used in new seedlings or to over-seed existing pastures. It should be planted with proper inoculants at a rate of 2-4 lbs per acre. Jumbo is a very cost effective way to improve your pastures.

Crusade Intermediate White Clover

  • Improved winter growth

  • Extended grazing potential during colder months

  • Superior growth

  • Early and vigorous flowering

  • Disease resistant

Crusade white clover is the result of a breeding program that has taken the best traits of the traditional Haifa variety and combined them with improved winter activity qualities. Therefore, it can introduce added benefits in plant productivity and health to temperate regions where winter-active white clovers are desired.

To develop this variety, selections were made from plants displaying superior growth in winter, autumn and spring. Other traits selected in the development of Crusade were very large, dark green leaves, early and vigorous flowering and high seed yield. A strong emphasis was also placed on freedom from virus and disease symptoms, and strong recovery from cutting, grazing and moisture stress.

Crusade is a vigorous, large leaf, winter-active variety of white clover. Leaflets are similar in appearance to Haifa, but can have a darker green appearance with fewer leaf markings. Crusade is slightly earlier in flowering than Haifa. Because of its winter-active characteristic, Crusade will provide grazing during the colder months in regions experiencing mild moist winter conditions.

Kopu II White Clover

  • Large Leafed

  • High Yield

  • Long Growth Season

  • Persistence under grazing

Kopu II Clover is a white clover that was developed for stem density, persistence under grazing, high yield, fast growing and large leaf size. This was achieved primarily by selecting exceptional clovers under cattle grazing in the Northern U.S. and sheep grazing in New Zealand.

Kopu II has excellent season long growth and high NSC Energy levels. Kopu II has exhibited improved yield and persistence over other White Clover varieties.

Kopu II clover can be used in new seedlings or to over-seed exiting pastures.

Clover Buffet has the All Vantage coating, now you are probably asking why that is important to me…

  • All Vantage coating allows the seed to hold moisture which allows the seed to germinate faster

  • The root system will grow deeper helping with stand establishment

  • Coating also protects the seed from fungi

  • Maintains high rhizobium numbers next to seed which helps with the seed growth

  • Rhizobium is a soil bacterium that forms nodules on the roots of legumes and takes up nitrogen from the atmosphere

  • Reduced dust off and complete handling of seed safely

  • Improved even flow from your spreader

  • Less waste because of the highly visible coated seed

  • Same seeding rate as conventionally treated seed

  • 82-90% germination

  • Rough Ridgeuses only the highest quality and grade of seed in our mixtures

Planting instructions for Clover Buffet:

Choose a location that has as much sun as possible, best location will offer 6 hours or more of sun. Soil pH should be between 6.0 and 7.0. It is best to work the soil by conventional farming methods such as rototiller or disk, then firm by rolling. Finally broadcast or rake for good soil contact.

Spring planting is April – May and Fall planting is September.

Clover Buffet is a perennial mix so you can expect to see your clover come back for    5 – 7 years.