Customizable Seeds

Jumbo II Ladino Clover

Cool season perennial (up to 4-5 years)


Seminole Ladino Clover



Grain Sorghum


·   Attracts deer, geese, quail, doves

·   Easy to plant

·   Plant height: 44-48 inches

·   Competes well with weeds



If you are looking for a tall cover crop that is winter hardy (can grow in temperatures as low as 34°F), establishes in low pH levels with minimal preparation, competes well with weeds, stays green well into the season, and provides early spring forage, then Rye is your answer.



If you’re looking for a food plot to grow in hard to reach places with less than ideal conditions, buckwheat provides a great option for you!


Vivant Hybrid Brassica

Vivant Brassica is great for extending the grazing season later into the year. Because of this, Vivant is able to provide nutrition and protein deer need during those more difficult seasons.


Eco-Till Soil Buster Radish

The Eco-Till Soil Buster Radish is a late season plant, therefore a great way of providing deer with nutrients that are hard to find elsewhere during the cold months.


Appin Turnip

Compared to some other turnips, Appin Turnip is an incredibly leafy food plot, with the leaves tested as being up to 94% digestible and 30% protein. This food plot is easily established and has great regrowth potential if pressured by grazing. Appin Turnip is also a great option for a winter plant.


Buckbuster Rapeseed

Buckbuster rapeseed is a forage brassica that is loved by deer because it is high in both protein and oil, incredibly palatable, and able to withstand the cold winter temperatures.


Purple Top Turnip

Winters can be hard on the deer population, due to stress generated when not enough food sources are available. Purple Top Turnip provides deer with an option for those hard winter months.