Customizable Seeds


Chicory is a tough cool-season crop that is highly digestible and carries protein levels of anywhere between 15 and 30 percent! Deer love chicory and since it is tolerant of many adversities (acidic soil, drought, weed competition, climate), many deer management teams are beginning to use more of it.


Crusade White Clover

Crusade White Clover is a vigorous, large leaf, winter-active variety of white clover.

With its nitrogen-inducing quality, it makes your soil healthier while deer come to enjoy its high protein levels and palatability.


Dynamite Red Clover

Dynamite Red Clover is a tall, quick growing crop that is easily established, shade tolerant, and produces high quality forage.

Compared to White Clover, Red Clover has the potential to yield up to 30% more and does better in the warmer weather.